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October 9 Council Chairman Paul Wolfowitz comments on the U.S. policy towards Taiwan in an editorial in The Wall Street Journal
Editorial: "U.S. Taiwan Policy Threatens a Face-Off with China" (PDF)
October 5-7 The 2014 US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference takes place in Williamsburg, Virginia.
August 1 Press Release: US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference 2014 to Examine Taiwan's National Security Plans, Arms Sales & Security Cooperation, and Indigenous Submarine Programs (PDF)
June 5 Council President Rupert Hammond-Chambers testifies at “Recent Developments in China’s Relations with Taiwan and North Korea,” a public hearing held by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC), in Washington, D.C.
Testimony: "Cross-Strait Economic and Political Issues" (PDF)
April 2 Council President Rupert Hammond-Chambers comments on a U.S. opportunity to strengthen bilateral trade relations with Taiwan in an editorial in The Wall Street Journal
Editorial: "The U.S. Can Help Calm Taiwan’s Political Storm" (PDF)
February 5 The Council issues a press release commenting on the Obama Administration's continued commitment to Taiwan’s F-16 A/B upgrade program
US-Taiwan Business Council Believes that the Obama Administration Remains Committed to Taiwan’s F-16 Upgrade Program (PDF)
January 31 Happy Chinese New Year (Year of the Horse)
January 15 The Council issues a press release commenting on the Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities Act of 2014 and endorsing inclusive language that would allow Trade Promotion Authority to apply to trade agreements with individual trading partners - including Taiwan
US-Taiwan Business Council Supports Bipartisan Trade Promotion Authority Legislation, Endorses Inclusive Language (PDF)
January 6-10 Council Chairman Paul Wolfowitz, Council President Rupert Hammond-Chambers, members of the Council’s Board of Directors, and members of the Chairman's Circle travel to Taiwan to meet with Taiwan government officials and business leaders
December 3 Board of Directors Meeting in Washington, D.C.
November 21 The US-Taiwan Business Council, C&M International, and the National Foreign Trade Council cooperate on the “Taiwan-U.S. Industry Summit,” in Washington, D.C.
November 18 The US-Taiwan Business Council and The National Committee on American Foreign Policy cooperate on a luncheon hosting a Taiwan delegation of former government officials and current business leaders from Taiwan, headed by former Vice President Vincent Siew, in New York, New York

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